THOTALE Antiageing Face Cream

THOTALE Nourishing Face Cream

THOTALE Cellulite Body Cream

THOTALE Firming Body Cream

THOTALE Active Intimate Cleanser

THOTALE Intimate/Body Cleanser

THOTALE Active Adsorbent Deo Spray

THOTALE Active Adsorbent Deo Roll-on

THOTALE Active Refreshing Deo Spray

THOTALE Active Refreshing Deo Roll-On 

Lemon Anti-ageing Face Cream

Lemon Body Cream

Lemon Cleansing Milk

Lemon Eye Make-up Remover

Lemon Skin Tonic

Pomegranate Anti-ageing Face Cream

Pomegranate Body Cream

Pomegranate Cleansing Milk

Pomegranate Eye Make-up Remover

Pomegranate Skin Tonic

Grape Anti-ageing Face Cream

Grape Body Cream

Grape Cleansing Milk

Grape Eye Make-up Remover

Grape Skin Tonic

Arian Oil Bubble Bath with Antibacterial

Lavender Bubble Bath with Antibacterial

Shea Milk Bubble Bath with Antibacterial

Iris Flower Bubble Bath with Antibacterial

Pomegranate Bubble Bath with Antibacterial

Grape Bubble Bath with Antibacterial