PACK-SIZE: Bottle 20 ml
Useful for:

Nausea and vomit
Cinetosis (car sickness – seasickness)
Gastritis and gastroduodenitis

CliaZenz Sublingual Spray is a ginger based dietary supplement. Ginger, in addition to being a natural antinauseants, helps to regulate gastrointestinal motility and to eliminate the gas.


Average intake of healthy componentsFor 100 g of productPer daily dose
(3 nebulization 3 times a day = about 1g)
Ginger hydroglyceric extract2 g20 mg
L-Alanine0.25 g2.5 mg
Vitamin B246.7 mg0.467 mg (33.28% RNV*)
Vitamin B646.6 mg0.466 mg (33.25% RNV*)
Vitamin B136.7 mg0.367 mg (33.33% RNV*)
Dry aniseed extract20 mg0.20 mg

*%RNV daily reference nutrient values